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The Designers & Developers Foundational UI System

Chalk is a foundational design and development system built to help professionals build clean, scalable and efficient products.

The Ultimate Design & Development System [v1.0]

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Build Products Faster.

Meet the fastest way to build products with Webflow, Framer, and Figma.
The Ultimate Starter Project

Use Chalk to kick-start your projects and take control of the customization of the entire system in seconds.

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5,000+ Components & Elements

Browse over 5,000+ beautifully designed and built components & elements. Create marketing pages & full enterprise applications.

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Foundational UI System

Establish a consistent visual and functional language across your digital products.

Powerful Dashboards

Masterfully crafted dashboards that are easily customized and flexible.

Lifetime Updates

Chalk is updated hyper–regularly, meaning we are continuously building the best product.

Designers & Developers

Made for Creators.

Complete Design and Development System
5,000+ Components
Beautifully designed components
Complete UI System
Starting point for all of your projects.
Dashboards & Wireframes
Everything from start to finish.
Chalk provides a complete design system tailor-made for all businesses.
1,000+ Components
Built for Webflow with ClientFirst.
Dev-ready with Auto Layout
100% ready for development.
Framer [soon]
Unlock everything for Framer.
Chalk includes a complete collection of developed components (Available with Flowbase Pro+)

Foundational Design
& Development System

Chalk provides the complete foundation for any modern design & development project. Use Chalk to establish a complete product system and bring it to life with beautiful components & elements.

Styles, Elements & Components

Endless inspiration with thousands of components & elements.

Regular Updates

Check-in regularly to catch all the latest Chalk updates.

Use Chalk to rapidly build beautiful and high performing interfaces.

The World's Largest Collection of Layouts

Chalk includes over 1,000+ masterfully crafted wireframes & layout-focused components. Unlock instant copy & paste functionality to Webflow & Framer with Flowbase Pro+

Component Categories

Navigation, Features, Testimonials. Endless categories to inspire.

Components & Layouts

Bring ideas to life rapidly with unlimited design inspiration.

Built for projects of all sizes, startups to enterprise businesses.

Advanced Components

Flexible Dashboards.

Explore expertly crafted dashboards & advanced components.
New Content Regularly

Ever-Growing Libraries.

Browse over 5,000+ components and elements ready to speed up your projects.
Browse styles, elements, & components

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“We built Chalk to provide the ultimate design & development system. We're commited to simplifying complex UI/UX challenges and empowering teams to create beautiful products”

Tom Bekkers
Founder @ Flowbase
Beautiful components & elements

Built by Flowbase team

Customers trust our team

Bring Ideas to Life Faster.

Kick-start any project with our foundational system to develop a professional and enterprise level product.
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